Top skills every web developer should have

As a web developer, besides writing HTML code, there is much more to do before the site can go live. You may consider about user experience, device compatibility, security etc. To be a good web developer, you should acquire some essential skills for web development.

It is not enough nowadays to rely on the basics. Web development had been rampant and many people are into it. To be able to compete with others you must consider having the following essential skills:

1. Programming Competency
Web developers must be able to code. This is supposed to sound obvious. An effective web developer must be able to write syntactically valid HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript.

2. Adaptability
The technology is not constant but keeps on changing, so a web developer can’t have the luxury to sit back and relax. They need to learn and move along with the change. It’s impossible to know where web development will go in 5 years, but those who follow standards bodies or at least read tech blogs have a much better understanding of upcoming changes and growing trends. It’s not enough to follow the industry. Web developers must also understand their users and how they use the product.

3. Security
Every web developer must understand how malicious people can use their product to attack the site or other even other users. If the web developer has skill #1, they should be familiar with the security concerns of the industry and common defenses.  The security of a website is a major concern which should be answered and the developer should be capable enough to provide a capable and secured website.

4. Accessibility
Developers must be able to write code that is flexible enough to be used in different ways. Search engines and screen readers for the blind are two examples of machines interpreting your code. Sites that are heavy with Flash or foreground images for UI tend to struggle here. Accessibility at its core is really about usability. Web developers must know about any obstacles between the user and the product to better design it. Know your user, set limits to what you will and will not support, implement a cross-compatible solution, and test thoroughly.

5. Testing
All web developers must be able to test their code in multiple browsers. It’s easy to test for our own personal browser of choice and ignore the rest, but the web is about diversity and the browser landscape is very diverse. A website continuously need updates and a developer should ensure that the user doesn’t get hampered when one is making updates. It should be a smooth process. Occurrences of errors are inevitable on any website and one should make sure that unfriendly errors are not visible to the users.

6. Creativity
This may sound unusual but creativity is the back bone for any art. Web developing is an art and an artist can only produce a beautiful website. The codes are the colors and a web developer like a true artist should know how to play with codes. The end result should be exceptional enough so that it makes you different from the crowd.