Communities for web developers

Hundreds of blog posts and articles are published every day, but there is no way you can read all of them. We think you should have a strategy to keep up to date, follow these simple steps:

1. Follow Cool People
Front-end leaders help you to stay on top of relevant news and trends. They are in-the-know and they work on a specific topic.

Twitter can be a great place to find people who are in-the-know.

2. Find the Best Sources
Around the web there is lots of useful information about front-end news and trends, but sometimes it’s too hard to find and read all of them. It’s a mess and you will go crazy!

Therefore, we have put together some of the best sources you might use:

  • Skilled Up
    SkilledUp was built to help you find online courses, gain and increase your skills and prove your worth to employers. Call it a public service, call it amazing – we call it transforming education. Online courses empower you to build foundations of knowledge that help propel you further professionally and personally. That’s transformative.
  • Treehouse Blog

    The Treehouse blog provides valuable content on web development, web design, and startup tips.
  • CSS Wizardry

    A specialised blog in writing and scaling CSS for large apps and websites.
  • Open Web Platform Daily Digest
    Provides daily content about W3C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Web APIs, web browsers.
  • Mozilla Hacks Weekly Articles
    An agnostic web browser resource, focused on the Open Web and sharing knowledge.

For more list visit: How to keep up to date on Front-end technologies

3. Attend Conferences
Thousands of developers attend conferences to promote the latest technologies, share ideas, thoughts or experiences and learn from others. They discuss the best practices, standards and trends. You should participate in order to meet awesome people and organizations who do what you do.

  • Fronteers conference
    Conference of the Dutch non-profit trade organisation for front-end developers.
  • Front Trend
    A gathering where front-end lovers and tech entrepreneurs discover the latest trends.
  • HTML5DevConf
    Has become the largest JavaScript and HTML5 developers conference in the world.
  • Fluent Conf JavaScript & Beyond
    Featuring the best in JavaScript and progressive Web development.
  • Front End Ops Conf
    Front End Ops Conf
    A 2-day conference in San Francisco dedicated to the emerging discipline of front end operations.

For more list visit: How to keep up to date on Front-end technologies

4. Attend Meetup Groups
The process of learning is vast and one way to do it is to learn from others as well. Meetup Groups are common yet effective. It is important to share and hear what others think, or how others develop their websites.

Below are some of the lists of the largest meetup groups: