Pingly – a Roxen module for automatic Twingly pinging

Twingly is a blog search engine that focus on indexing the “blogosphere” rather than being a generic search engine. Twingly has a ping service that let you ping Twingly when you have new content on your blog so that Twingly can head over there and index the new content asap.

Since Roxen CMS have event hooks this module listens for newly published files and when found automatically notifies Twingly about it.

The only thing needed is to set up a config file in the SiteBuilder’s workarea so that this module knows under which paths newly published content should notify Twingly and with which arguments. But all this is documented in the module.

One note! If you run a replicated environment install this module on one of the frontend servers, not the backend. If installed on a backend Twingly might head over to your site before the new content has been replicated.

The Pingly Roxen module 11:32, Fri 09 July 2010 :: 15.4 kB