Finally a new site!

New version of

It hit me I hadn’t done anything to my site for three years. After all I’m a web developer and some kind of standard must be met and kept!

The previous version of this site was built on my home cooked blog application. But that was written three years ago and you learn, and develop skills, a lot over three years, so I didn’t feel like reusing it and it was kind of limited regarding lots of stuff – like social networkning – that has emerged over the past few years.

Since I’m an open source advocat I decided to live as I learn and went for WordPress. It was really simple to setup and the admin interface is rather uncluttered and easy to use. Although I’m not too fond of how the backbone of WordPress is coded and structured it’s fairly easy to bolt on your own functionality.

Hopefully this new version of the site will make me write more than two posts a year, but I wouldn’t bet on it ;)