Visual C# 2008 Express bug

The other day at work I was hacking up a console application that converts an Excel workbook to chosen format. This is to be used in a web application where some people can upload an Excel file that will populate a MySQL database. To make it easier to parse the Excel file the console application will save a copy of the file as a tab separated file that is easier to parse (I will share the code when done).

Visual C# 2008 default layout

Anyhow! At work I use Visual C# 2008 Express Editon when – very rarely – hacking C# and it annoyed me that the code part was too far to the left for me to feel comfortable. So I though I could displace the right column with class viewer and solution explorer and put that on my right screen, narrowing the main window and put farther to the right on my left screen.

Error message when Visual C# crashes

So I did and it felt alright – until I tried to compile the application. Visual C# just crashed big time! I didn’t have any clue why at that moment so I fired it up again and had to displace the right column again and put everything where I wanted it. I tried to compile again and boom, crash again!

So I thought: What the heck! Fired the thing up again, displaced the right column but this time I thought I’d just close the application so it would remember my settings the next time it was started. So I just hit ALT+F4 and boom, crash again. After repeating this again I came to the conclusion that Visual C# 2008 crashes if you displace the right column and then tries to either compile the current project or close the application it self. There’s probably some other actions that will cause it to crash as well.

vs-expressMy desired layout

The final conclusion is that I will have to use the application layout dear Microsoft has decided I should use. Thank you very much! Okey, I can live with it but it’s a bit annoying!