Firefox Domain-Swapper extension

The Domain Swapper extension is hosted here at now a days.

Anybody working on a replicated web site (with an edit/backend server and one or more frontend servers) with perhaps lots of sub sites has probably experienced the hassle of switching domains between the backends and frontends.

Say you get an email saying: Can you change … to … on You click on the link, since you’r lazy, and then have to change the domain in the address bar to your backend domain and 40% of the time you misspell and have to go up there again and…

Anyhow! I got tired of this so I created a domain swapping extension to Firefox. It adds a context menu (right-click on any page) where you can choose to change to another domain – the URL will stay intact.

So if you are working with replicated sites the extension is free to download at:…pper/index.xml