A couple of wallpapers

Lately I have found a new time waste – playing with Photoshop and Gimp to create desktop wallpapers. I must say Gimp isn’t too bad although it’s quite far behind Photoshop when it comes to usability and especially layer styles. I downloaded a plug-in that works pretty well and similar to the effects in Photoshop, but the big difference is that the effects will be put in separate layers in Gimp which means you can’t fine tune them in real time afterwards. And one really misses the layer folders! Anyway, Gimp works pretty well and when you get used to the differences from Photoshop and you learn the shortcuts it’s quite usable after all.

All wallpaper are in 1680×1050px

Chocolate – Made with Photoshop

Fairytale – Made with Photoshop (image and butterfly from Stock exchange)

Gnome Shield – Made with Photoshop
Gnome Shield

Gnome Shield 2 – Made with Gimp
Gnome Shield 2

Gnome Shield 4 – Made with Gimp
Gnome Shield 4