Roxen User Conference

Ok, so now the first day of Roxen User Conference is about to end. The has been some interesting speaks today and a few new acquaintances. The most impressive thing is to have see how different companies and institutions have implemented the Roxen platform. To me Roxen is not just a CMS but a great development platform and from my new experiences from all over the world today my conclusion is I’m not the only one with that standpoint.

Of course there’s been a few drinks (beer, wine, whiskey and what not) but also some new friends and faces to known names. And of course there’s also been some sharing of code concepts and what not.

Tomorrow there will be some more hands on workshops. Roxen will demo their new “Link management module” which will be part of the 5.0 release. It looks really promising from the previews we’ve seen today.

In the 5.0 release they will also bring to live a new patch module which will ease the maintenance of a Roxen empowered server park in a tremendous way. That feature will be awesome.

One cool thing in particular is to have seen a demo of the Roxen Editorial Portal. A few newspapers are already running it located from Sweden to USA to Australia. A really cool achievement for such a new product! You guys at Roxen rules!

I will give a new sum-up of tomorrow’s events!