Back from vacation

So after five weeks of vacation I’m back at work. The most sensational thing must be that I didn’t write a single line of code in these five weeks! It was a much needed break from computers and the longest one I’ve had for the nine years or so I’ve been programming. The vacation it self isn’t much to talk about. I visited friends and family and spent a lot of time in the sofa watching the olympics – and playing some Play Station 3 as well ;)

I also just bought an Asus EEE which I think is quite cool. I’m actually writing this blog post on it. I threw out the Xandros operating system and installed Ubuntu EEE instead which feels a great deal better. I’ve installed a lot of developer tools and they actually run rather smoothly.

Screen shot Ubuntu EEE
Screenshot Ubuntu EEE

Roxen user conference

Next week, Thursday and Friday, I will attend the Roxen user conference which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll give a report from there when it happens.