Firefox 3, Thunderbolted lightning…

What have they done to Firefox 3? I have a 64 bit system and still there are some things that doesn’t run on 64 bits, Adobe® Flash Player® being one of them. Another, more important, thing that doesn’t run when launched from a 64 bit browser is my Citrix® VPN client which I use when logging on at work from home. Anywho! There’s a browser called Swiftfox which is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox® for Linux. The good thing is that Swiftfox runs in 32 bit mode so the Flash Player works and my Citrix client starts.

So what am I talking about! I noticed when I started using Swiftfox – which is built on a Firefox 3 beta release – that it’s insanely faster than Firefox 2. And I really mean insanely faster. Of course, as I said before, Swiftfox is an “optimized build of Mozilla Firefox for Linux” but I have used Swiftfox built on Firefox 2 before and that one wasn’t close to as fast as this last one is.

I think the Firefox team must have done some wonders to the rendering engine. I must admit that Firefox always has been a bit slower on Linux than on Windows and Mac so I pleased that Firefox 3 seems to be fastest browser ever known to mankind ;)