My first GIMP job, Gnomealicious!

Although I’ve been using Linux for eight years I have never really used GIMP since I’m brought up with Photoshop. But lately I’ve started using it to make a few layout elements for various web projects and although It’s quite frustrating when you all the time hit Photoshop shortcuts and end up with the wrong tools and what not, GIMP really isn’t that awful when you start to get grip of it.

Anyway, I did a re-install of Ubuntu the other day and found a theme for Gnome that I really liked but I had no desktop wallpaper that fitted so I though I’d better make my own. And so I did!

Gnome Compiz-Fusion screen shot

The wallpaper, 1680×1050
Gnomealicious desktop wallpaper

So I’m about to become better friends with GIMP!

Peace out!