Better late than never

It’s amazing that I havn’t posted an entry here for more than six months! I’ve had so much to do at work so I havn’t had the driving force to bother! We’re about to release a redesign of which have taken quite much time. We’re also about to update both the server hardware and software. We’re going to use Roxen replication and load balancing which means we’re going from one standalone server to three servers!

I’ve also been busy developing “My Pages” at Tekniska Verken where our customers can log on and view consumption statistics for water, district heating, electricity and waste and much more. The statistics part has existed for years but the functionality has been rewritten from scratch where webservices SOAP) for our business system has been developed and the overall functionality has been extended and improved.

The fun thing is that I have written the SOAP clients in Java – since Pike (the language used in Roxen) doesn’t have a SOAP implementation yet but do talk to Java quite nicely – which I’ve never touched before. Java is a nice language but the Classpath thing drives you crazy! Anyway, with WSDL and Eclipse there has been no problems. There’s currently 13 webservices available and I don’t think I’ve even written 2000 lines of Java to implement them. SOAP is really nice I must say! So now I also can add Java to my CV ;)

Hopefully the new will be released within a month or so!