Laying plans

I guess I should apologize for the agonizingly slow pace at with I update. It’s not to do with malice, I’m just swamped with freelance work and it eats away at the little free time I have to write in. It’s a pleasant problem, though; the demand for Flash developers is higher than ever.

Next week I’ll be writing two more articles on the principles of animation, and after that I’ll try to go a little deeper and touch upon more details, such as how to draw hands. Sounds good?

Me and my blog are wearing red today. I know it’s not much help to the people of Burma, who probably would be better served by money to the democracy movement or resolutions in the UN, but maybe this helps little too. I’ll give a little and partake in a demonstration later today and I urge all of you who have the time to do the same.

I’ll see you all next week!