The lonely Flash developer

First of all, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this page and write to me. There aren’t many large development teams where there is more than one Flash expert – the one I’m on is no exception – so I take any chance I can get to get to know colleagues around the world.

I know it says on the front page that this site is about development as well as animation, but I’m still working mostly in AS2 and I don’t feel there is much point in teaching this as we all have to go over to AS3 soon. But as soon as I’m settled in with it (and provided I have anything useful to say) there will be some tutorials involving development in AS3 as well.

In the mean time I’ll try to teach what little I know about animation. It’s not a whole lot. But I feel it is a part of Flash that is often forgotten now that we all work with RIAS (and let’s face it, all try to avoid being hired to do the next bloody poker site) and there is such a great need for developers. It’s a shame, for Flash is still the best option when it comes to online animation. We mustn’t forget that there is more to the graphical side of flash than site design.

Oh, and thank you all for your comments. Malay is a language I don’t speak, unfortunately, but maybe someone could help me translate what the comments and letters say?