New Plogger version

So, now I have worked some more on my Blogging engine Plogger (and I have just realized that there’s a web photo gallery named Plogger, so I will try to come up with a new name). I’ve added a few new features:

  • RSS feed generation
    Now we can subscribe to a latest entries feed as well as to a latest comments feed. The feeds are made in that way that I first generate an arbitrary XML tree that only contain the items and some meta information. I then pass this XML tree through and XSL template that generates the actual RSS feed. In this way it’s really simple to generate what version of RSS you want, and there would be no problems generating RDFs or what not.
  • Individual templating
    Now we can also assign different XSL-templates to individual entries. These temlplates must reside in the dynamic-templates directory. If there are templates in here they will occur in a drop down list in the “entry form”.
  • Enable/disable commenting
    If we don’t want a given entry to be commentable we just check a checkbox in the “entry form” and that’s that.

I set the version to 0.2 for this release.

The desktop client

I also added the desktop client to the SVN repository, and added the above functionality – individual templating and enableing/disableing of comments – to the client, wich means the SOAP class and the WSDL file got their share of more code.

Entry form with template selection and comment enableing/disableing

Entry form

What’s next?

Next step is adding some preview functionality, which wouldn’t be too difficult!

I’ve been thinking of adding support for TrackBacking and I will implement support for OpenID.

It seems like I have good fun ahead of me!