Upgraded computer

Since I became a Mac user (and an Apple Cinema Display owner) my old PC has just been collecting dust since the new monitor has DVI connections and I had no DVI support on my old video card. So I thought: lets buy a new video card and put the old working horse back in business!

Well, stupid as I am I didn’t check what interface there was on my old mother board so I ended up with a video card with PCI Express and a mother board with AGP! Smart ass (I’m a hardware lamer indeed)! I couldn’t bother going back to the store to return the video card so I turned to the Internet and bought a new mother board and a new processor. And this time I really checked that the new mother board would support my old memory sticks. At least I thought so! When the stuff arrived the memory sticks didn’t fit, of course!

So back to the Internet for some new memory sticks! Okey dokey, the sticks arrived and I was fit to go putting the stuff together. Everything went smoothly until I was to connect the power supply to the mother board! It didn’t fit, surprise! So I went downtown and bought a new power supply unit and finally everything fit together.

And while I was at it I bought a new hard drive and a DVD/CD burner. So from just planning on buying a new video card I ended up with a brand new computer. It wasn’t like it wasn’t needed so all in all it was a rather good thing (although a lot more expensive than what I had in mind).

So what did I end up with?

  • Mother board: ASUS A8N5X with NVIDIA nForce 4 chipset.
  • Processor: AMD64 Athlon 3500+
  • Video card: GeForce 7300 GS with 256mb DDR2.
  • Memory: 2x Kingston KVR 400 512mb
  • Hard drive: WD 120gb 7200
  • DVD/CD burner: Samsung S182D
  • And of course a brand new installation of Ubuntu Linux

And all in all I have to say I’m quite satisfied. When logging in to Gnome it takes like 4 seconds for the desktop to load and become usable! Firefox launches almost instantaneously and the speed is in general light years ahead of my old hardware!